Week 1: You couldn’t write it.

The start of the end or the end of the start?

The #MeatFam from earlier this year…

I have no idea how to even start this; I know ‘ar Julie (Andrews) would say “start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” but it’s all a bit late for that. We’re three years in and at the end of all our shows for the year, so to be honest it makes little to no sense to start this now… However, it makes little to no sense that the post we put on the Facebook page last night now has over 60 likes (especially after all the marketing advice we received yesterday from a webinar and how that post in particular is the opposite of what we were told to do), so maybe if we just break ALL the rules this might just work.

My name’s Kate and I’m the Stage and Production Manager for Rock n Roll Dreams Came True – Meat Loaf the Show.


A lot of people ask me what is actually is that I do for a job, and the truth is, everything. Act, sing, direct, perform, organise, produce and anything else theatrical you can think of. Essentially, it’s my job to get the show up and on no matter what. I am the physical embodiment of the phrase “The show must go on” and along with everyone else, not only does this show go on, it absolutely rocks!

Now, whilst the end of tour might feel like an odd time to start a blog, here’s another way to think about it:

You already know what happens when we are actually on tour; there are pictures, videos and Facebook statuses flying round all over the shop and not only that, but the chances are you have been to see the show, so you know what it entails (and if you’ve not WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?)

Surely, the bit that remains a mystery is how we actually get a point where we can tour this cast, crew and mausoleum around the UK rocking out to the tunes of the one and only Meat Loaf! Well, I’m here to reveal all; the good bits, the bad bits, the sleepless nights, the sitting on the sofa eating meat pies and listening to every album contemplating what we are adding in next.

This industry is a crazy whirlwind for us, which sees us playing some of the biggest theatrical stages in Europe one day (Leicester Haymarket) and a nursing home in London the next. A phrase that pings around Studio63HQ a lot is “you couldn’t write it”… So I’ve decided to at least try.

You see, as a production company, we don’t only have Meat Loaf as a show, we also have our two sister shows Masters of the Scene (ABBA) and Alice in Wonderland (our children’s touring pantomime) which all factor into everything we do, as well as producing new shows, taking the party bands out and maintaining our beloved home Studio63HQ.

Hopefully, I can persuade some of our #MeatFam here to write some stuff too, so you get it from their point of view, as well as just my inane ramblings about people leaving their personals on stage, shouting about energy, cables and people stealing my LX tape (which I stole in the first place) and the constant domestic that Scott (Tech Manager) and I are in that flares up at various moments due to lack of sleep or lack of caffeine (it’s OK though, we like each other really).

Next time, I’ll give you a bit of insight into what it’s like to actually get a show up in a venue, some of the challenges we face on the road and maybe, just maybe, some post tour party shenanigans.

Till then, the beat is ours forever!


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