Week 2: Numbers Don’t Lie

The week we went a bit gif mad because we learned a new thing

Here we are! Monday again!


Don’t worry. We’ve caffeinated and are ready for another week of madness here at Studio63HQ!

We’ve packed away the mausoleum for the final time this year and pulled all the ABBA costumes out of storage as we gear up for the Christmas madness. This time of year we start preparing to say goodbye to our loved ones for the festive period and resign ourselves to nights of gin in hotel rooms and replacing ripped tights from service stations, where we will likely bump into other acts doing the exact same thing.

I know… Glamourous.

But just before we say goodbye to Meat Loaf till 2019, I just wanted to share some facts with you about what we have done this year, just on Rock n Roll Dreams Came True:

In the entirety of this year, The Vengabus has driven 3518.1 miles


We’ve stopped at Sandbach services for a McDonalds breakfast 12 times
We’ve stopped at a McDonalds on the way home from theatres 14 times


As a company we have been through 38 bottles of gin, 12 bottles of bourbon and 288 bottles of Budweiser

This year alone, we have used 28 rolls of LX tape (and that isn’t counting the 3 we lost last week!)

We’ve munched our way through 165 sandwiches that have been lovingly made for us in theatres

We play Bat Out of Hell twice a night; the first version is 3 minutes 32 seconds (Bat Short) and the second is 9 minutes 37 seconds (Bat Long)… Meaning that this year, we have played Bat Out of Hell for 3 hours and 43 minutes and 33 seconds on stage. And that’s not even counting rehearsals!


We’ve used 262 glue sticks in the hot glue gun

Beth and Ada (our dancers) have been through 31 pairs of fishnets between them

As a collective, we’ve used 142 individual eyelashes… And don’t get us started on Bobby Pins


The band have heard the words “Ladies and Gentleman of the cast of Rock and Roll Dreams Came True, this is your … minute call” 32 times.
Of the 17 shows we have done, they have had their beginners call 14 times.
I have been swore at in response to all of this 46 times. Normally, something like this… 


And just once, we have had to stop the show. At Blackburn. During Objects in the Rearview Mirror. And I went on stage in my socks… That were inside out.

All in all it’s been a crazy year, but a pretty successful one!

Till next time, the beat is our’s forever


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