Week 5: There’s Always Room for Improvement…

This week was a big one! We started rehearsals for Rock N Roll Dreams Came True!

For the first time since October last year (omitting the Christmas Do…), the band were all in one place, doing what they do best with the new Meat to our Loaf Lee Brady!

Lee, Niki and all the girls (including new baby Nala!) have felt like family for months now, so finally getting him in the rehearsal room felt pretty damn amazing! And just as expected, it was the BEST day! Everyone is absolutely buzzing and whilst we can always do better, this is such a good place for us to be in. It’s a hard thing to step into an already established show and cast, but Lee turned up ready to work hard and play hard.

From a stage management point of view, we still have a long way to go; we’re adding two new songs into the show this year which comes with its own set of problems; from lighting design to musical direction, to finding the time to rehearse it to costuming, choreography and click track adding a new song into the show is never easy, never mind two songs!

We’re chopping and changing the show up and seeing if everything is best placed. It’s hard work, but with the energy buzzing round everyone at the moment, it’s hard not to be enthused by it.

If everything’s going so well, then why the title I hear you ask.

Here at Studio63HQ we are luckily to be able to do everything in house; rehearse, produce, make tracks, build lights… Everything really. And the man at the head of that is our beloved Technical Manager Scott Kempton. Known for his inability to smile on photographs, Scott is the man that keeps us all grounded and never let’s us get too big for our boots.

And as Scott would say, no matter how good this weekend was, no matter if we were playing Wembley, no matter if we were making millions… There is always room for improvement.

This mentality is what keeps us moving forward and keeps us getting better and better, so thanks Scott. Thanks for raining on our parade, pissing on our chips and never EVER letting us believe our own hype!

Keep your eyes peeled for a new recording of one of the songs coming very soon!

Till next time, #TheBeatIsOursForever


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